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SeyedMohammad Gallafan

I am a manager and a leader who founded Rayan Tablighate Mahoor 6 years ago. This company provides advertising and branding solutions services. After 2 years the business expanded to include digital print-shop services.
Additionally I have extensive experience in graphic and web design as IT manager at Deybeazar cultural and artistic Institute.

In 2014 i was selected as the Premier Young in Bushehr Province due to my economic activities.

Alongside business world, i have studied “Computer engineering”, “Information Technology” and other related courses, and i have been awarded the Bushehr Province Top Researcher in The Field of Information Technology.

Recently i focused on IT projects, where i founded Narenji Creative Ideas company. I and my team launched some experimental projects and now we are currently focusing on a new ideas.

One of them is OFFmarket, this idea selected in Bridge Entrepreneurship Festival as one of top idea and invited to iBRIDGE Berlin Conference (a three-day event to be held on June 4-6, 2015 in Berlin, Germany).
OFFmarket is a platform that help to reduce food wastage and save the environment.